Sports Physical Therapy Of New York

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Sports Physical Therapy Of New York

Performax Physical Therapy and Wellness is a high-end sports physical therapy of New York with affordable treatment plans and friendly staff members. Our lead physical therapist in NY, Armand Diesso, is the best sports PT of NY with over 20 years of experience and immense knowledge on the subject.

Top reasons to choose our physical therapy services

We are one of the few centers for physical therapy in New York City to use modern techniques and practices to aid in healing and recovery. Our therapists use techniques such as gait training, balance and stability training, and core stabilization exercises to help our clients overcome pain and attain improved physical function.

We use Kinesio taping to reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain in patients recovering from surgery or an injury. Our top trainers Armand Diesso, Jessica Torres, and David Soldano, design individualized treatment plans for each of our clients to help them attain their medical goals. We use the most effective modalities that offer therapeutic benefits and offer them at the lowest prices. 

We also conduct free physical therapy lessons for seniors every month and educate them on how to prevent injuries, slip and fall accidents, and improve balance and stability.

Benefits of physical therapy

A physical therapist diagnoses abnormalities and helps restore physical function to the injured or operated areas in the body. Some of the critical benefits of physical therapy include:

  • It helps improve physical activity, function, and mobility
  • It promotes healing and aids in the fast and safe recovery of patients after surgery or an injury.
  • It reduces the need for opioids and acts as preventative care and helps prevent surgery with some conditions. 
  • It helps recover from conditions like stroke and paralysis
  • It prevents slip and fall accidents by improving balance, stability, and endurance

Besides, it helps combat age-related medical problems and improves physical performance by strengthening specific muscle groups in the body. Physical therapy also improves independence in senior patients.

Common reasons to seek physical therapy

Physical therapy is the practice of using non-invasive techniques to improve body function, mobility, and range of motion in individuals. Physical therapy not only helps post-op patients and the injured but also helps prevent injury, illness, or surgery. You may seek physical therapy if you suffer from the following ailments:

  • Neck, low back, and joint pains
  • Pain due to arthritis in joints
  • Orthopedic conditions such as fractures
  • Problems with balance, stability, endurance, and mobility
  • Fatigue and weakness
  • Post-surgical conditioning and strengthening
  • Weight loss
  • Osteoporosis, knee, ankle and foot problems
  • Common sprains and muscle strains
  • Sports-related injuries

At our center for physical therapy in New York, we use it as a conservative treatment method to promote healing, recovery, and use it to restore full function and movement. We also educate our clients on avoiding future injuries, slips, falls, and maintain optimum physical fitness.

Call us for additional details on our all sports physical therapy approach. At Performax Physical Therapy and Wellness, we offer the best sports physical therapy of New York with the best NY physical therapist. We specialize in offering sports rehabilitation, concussion management, post-operative rehab, senior rehabilitation, and kinesiology.

Sports Physical Therapy Of New York
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Sports Physical Therapy Of New York
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