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Not all dentists are the same. They vary based on different factors such as expertise and the type of technology used. It’s essential to find a ” dental office near me” that uses the latest technologies. With cutting-edge technology, dental issues can be discovered and treated early. Advanced technology also delivers better patient outcomes. Here at Manhattan Dental Care, we’re one of the leading nearby dental clinics that have invested in leading-edge technology to diagnose and address dental problems with unmatched accuracy and effectiveness. Our technology reduces extra visits to our facility for more efficient and convenient treatment.

Our Modern Dental Technology

Some of the new technologies we utilize include:

Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is an excellent option for patients who’d rather not spend their day feeling numb or listening to the drilling at the dentist’s office. Laser dentistry uses light energy to treat gum disease, tooth decay, hypersensitivity, and whiten teeth. Often, this branch of dentistry doesn’t need anesthesia, and you won’t have to endure the triggering sound of a dental drill, making the procedure more comfortable and less unnerving for anxious patients. For soft tissue procedures, there’s usually no need for stitches, which helps you heal faster.

Digital X-Rays

X-rays are a regular part of your dental check-up. As one of the best local dental clinics, we use digital X-rays to diagnose your dental health with speed, precision, and comfort. Digital X-rays drastically improve patients’ comfort, unlike traditional imaging that causes discomfort and a gag reflex in a lot of patients. The digital X-ray is a handheld device, meaning you’ll no longer need to bite down the invasive and sometimes painful bitewing. More than that, digital X-rays emit up to 90 percent less radiation than traditional X-rays, reducing patient exposure and enhancing their safety.

Digidoc Intraoral GD Camera

Thanks to this technology, our patients get to see what we’re talking about, enabling them to better understand oral health issues and treatment plans. The Digidoc intraoral camera allows our top-rated dentists to take sharper, more detailed pictures of your smile. This dramatically improves our diagnosis, treatment plan, and patients experience.

DEXIS CariVu Camera

CariVu is a portable caries detection device. It utilizes patented transillumination technology that enables our dentist to see through a tooth and find the source of the problem. Using CariVu, we can identify cracks and cavities with a higher degree of precision and without extra exposure to radiation. This makes the device great for pregnant patients and kids.

iTero Element Scanner

This scanner is an innovative digital scanning system that does away with the need for unpleasant conventional alginate impressions. With our iTero Element Scanner, patients can say goodbye to messy putty in their mouths. During the scan, you can swallow and breathe as you usually would without any unpleasant smell or taste.

The scanner allows our cosmetic dentists to digitally capture a detailed, 3D model of your gums and teeth instantly and with unbeaten accuracy, improving the final outcome. The system is ideal for getting your retainers, Invisalign aligners, and orthodontic appliances.

Take Charge of Your Dental Care

Are you in need of a “dental office near me?” We’re a trusted dental clinic that offers a range of services, including dental emergencies. At Manhattan Dental Care, we’re committed to offering you quality and highly personalized care for your oral health needs. We’ve designed our facility with your comfort in mind. What’s more, our dental treatments are effective, affordable, and will meet your needs. Schedule first appointment now: 310-546-4675.