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What should you consider when choosing a chiropractor in Windsor for pain management services? Specialization and intelligent treatment services are crucial requirements. Are you searching for a Windsor-Essex County practitioner? A premier healthcare provider in this field, Community Chiropractic Center, is your go-to specialist for smart treatment solutions. What types of services do we offer?

Chiropractic pain evaluation

Is this your first chiropractic consultation? Consider this your most salient appointment. Our licensed chiropractic will start with an interview to get some background information about your health history. Then, we will follow-up with a detailed physical exam and an investigative baseline study. For this, we will order diagnostic tests, including spinal x-rays, Foot-levelers scan, and Myo-Vision analysis, to establish a diagnosis.

If you have unexplained neck, joint, or back pain, we can conduct several diagnostic tests to identify the source. How about nagging headaches and symptoms you cannot quite pin down. Here is where we come in, and with our evaluation methods, we can investigate your case and diagnose your problem.

Why do chiropractors need x-rays?

Although we do not request x-rays for every case, we may need it to rule out several possible issues, including fractures. Before we proceed with chiropractic treatment, we want to ascertain that cancer, tumors, and similar conditions are not an underlying problem. Using chiropractic x-rays as a diagnostic tool, we focus on some specific localized sections of your body. Sometimes, there are pre-existing issues that may impede chiropractic efforts.

These x-rays allow us to identify the problem areas, and, in some cases, prescribe a gentler therapeutic method before chiropractic procedure. Our certified chiropractor in Windsor often reviews x-ray analysis to:

  • Learn biomechanical information
  • Identify spinal and joint conditions that may hinder chiropractic intervention
  • Identify symptoms or conditions (lesions, tumors, etc.)
  • Educate patients about their specific disorder and the recommended treatment course.

Chiropractic treatment for pain symptoms

Spinal or chiropractic adjustment is our preferred method to treat different types of pain symptoms. Combining this with therapeutic intervention, nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes, we promote rehabilitation. Spinal adjustment focuses on pain relief and functional health optimization.

Using controlled, pressurized force, our chiropractor will release joint tension to alleviate pain and improve mobility. The range of intensity we apply for spinal manipulation varies. Our range of motion may be gentle to intense at a slow to a rapid pace. Rest assured, we only have highly skilled practitioners among our ranks with years of specialized chiropractic care experience.

Do you need an expert chiropractor in Windsor with a proven sports injury track record? At Community Chiropractic Center, you will receive exceptional treatment to eliminate your pain symptoms. We have a state-of-art treatment full-service facility with modern equipment, tools, and services to help you recover. Are you a new patient? Complete our patient form, and we will get back to you promptly. We are your ticket to a healthier, pain-free life. Give us a call at (519) 735 – 7555 to book your appointment with one of our licensed chiropractors today!

Chiropractor Windsor

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Chiropractor Windsor

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