CBD tinctures

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CBD tinctures

Tinctures are CBD extracts in liquid form. They come in bottles with droppers for taking doses. At Green Glass Labs, we perform laboratory tests on cannabis products such as CBD tinctures that are used as health supplements. By going through our reports, consumers can find authentic supplements that are beneficial for their health.

Things to Know About Cannabidiol Tinctures

CBD tinctures are used as dietary supplements. They usually contain a more potent concentration of cannabidiol compared to most CBD products. Also, the CBD in them is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream upon consumption. Once absorbed, the effects of tinctures can be felt after about 10 minutes.

Tinctures are made by seeping flowers from the hemp plant in high proof grain alcohol. Alcohol aids in the extraction of cannabidiol from the plant. It also improves the absorption rate and acts as a preservative for the product.

After seeping, it’s then cooked for several hours over low heat. The product is made ready by mixing with a carrier oil such as peppermint. A carrier oil improves the taste as pure CBD tincture can be bitter.

How Should You Take Cannabidiol Tinctures?

Given the high concentration of cannabidiol, tinctures can be efficient when taken in small doses. For faster absorption of the CBD content into your body, take your tincture sublingually. That means putting the tincture under your tongue for about a minute for absorption to take place. The effects of this method can be felt after about 15 minutes.

Tinctures can also be taken by mixing them in beverages and foods such as coffee and salad dressing. When it’s taken orally in that way, the effect is felt after a while compared to taking it sublingually. That is because it has to go through the digestive tract before getting into the bloodstream.

What is the Difference Between CBD Tinctures and CBD Oils?

Cannabidiol tinctures are usually confused with CBD oil, but the two are different products. Tinctures contain flavoring agents and herbs, which are not found in CBD oils. The two have different extraction methods. While tinctures are extracted using an alcohol-based solvent, CBD oil is extracted using carbon dioxide.

That said, CBD oil and tinctures have some of the same health benefits. Both products help to improve sleeping patterns and alleviate symptoms of mental health conditions such as anxiety. These two also relatively have the same rate of absorption into the body and a faster effect when taken sublingually.

Many manufacturers tend to mislabel tinctures as oils and vice versa. Through our tests at Green Glass Labs, we can identify products that have been wrongly labeled and set the record straight for consumers.

Get What You Pay For

According to a study by the Journal of the American Medical Association, only 30% of CBD products are labeled accurately. As such, you have to be extremely cautious whenever you purchase your CBD tinctures as they are ingested. That's why Green Glass Labs conducts thorough laboratory tests to check the overall purity of supplements. For all your questions and queries, contact us today on contact@greenglasslabs.com.