Anxiety And Depression

Chiropractic care is not, first and foremost, about relieving aches and pains, but it’s about giving your body its best chance to heal itself. Dr. Heather Brown of Well Adjusted Chiropractic in Scottsdale, Arizona, uses the most current, scientific methods to return your body to a balanced state, which may prove beneficial for some patients when they suffer from depression and anxiety. Call today or book online to make an appointment.

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Anxiety and Depression Q & A

by Heather Brown, DC

What causes depression and anxiety?

Everyone feels down or anxious at some time in their lives. However, each of these feelings can, in some people, become chronic rather than occasional, and that may interfere with the way they function and enjoy life. Though depression and anxiety disorders are separate conditions, there’s often overlap between the two.

The reasons why you experience depression or anxiety aren’t fully understood. It’s thought that a combination of events and personal tendencies plays a role, but there’s no explanation why one person stays depressed or anxious, while another, facing similar factors, recovers.

Chronic depression is a risk factor for your physical health since people with depression are more likely to suffer from heart disease, stroke, and cancer. Although there are medications available to treat the symptoms of depression and anxiety, the importance of nutrition, exercise, adequate sleep, and active social connections is recognized by all healthcare disciplines as important to depression and anxiety treatment.

How does chiropractic care fit into the treatment of depression?

When you consider exercise as a depression treatment, it makes sense that improvements to the condition of your body should also achieve improvements to your mental state. As your body feels better, you feel better about yourself, and you have a building block upon which to address the cycle of chronic depression and anxiety.

Chiropractic treatment may provide similar rewards. As Dr. Brown brings your body into balance, you’ll experience benefits not unlike those earned through exercise. Minor aches and pains resulting from small misalignments disappear, and you’ll feel more energy as your body’s systems communicate with greater efficiency. Soft tissue inflammation subsides, and you have more resources for daily living and self-healing.

These things contribute to better overall health, and the circular patterns of depression and anxiety may be broken, leading to better balance in your life.

Can I combine chiropractic care with other medical treatment?

Yes. Since chiropractic care is natural and drug-free, there are no harmful interactions with other treatment methods. Most treatments for depression are multi-faceted. As mentioned, medical doctors recommend things like diet and exercise along with medication. Chiropractic adjustments are an ideal addition to depression and anxiety treatments.

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