Anxiety And Depression Scottsdale AZ

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Anxiety and depression can have devastating effects on a person's life. Reclusiveness, low self-esteem, suicide, and anger; these are only a few of the many symptoms of anxiety and depression. Many people have tried prescription and illicit drugs, clinical treatment, and other means to combat their anxiety and depression but to no avail. Has it ever dawned on you that balancing your mind and body could lead to a dramatic improval in your symptoms? If you or someone you care about is suffering from anxiety and depression in Scottsdale AZ (Phoenix), check out Well Adjusted Chiropractic. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Chiropractors Do More than Crack Backs and Necks

Most people come to a chiropractor when their necks and backs hurt. Indeed, most people believe that chiropractors are for strictly for neck and back alignments. While this is a big part of what we do, it is not the complete picture. In truth, we do much more.

Friendly and Relaxed Environment

When clients walk into our facility, they immediately notice the Well Adjusted Chiropractic difference. We provide a relaxed and comfortable environment. Our friendly staff and technicians take the time to explain everything we do and answer any questions you have. The service, support, and the work we provide are stellar. Still, people wonder how a chiropractor can help their depression and anxiety.

The Problem is in Your Nervous System

First, you must understand that your nervous system runs everything in your body. People who have anxiety-type issues, whether they suffer from breathing problems, panic attacks, irritability, stress, worry; more times than not, something is going on with their nervous system. Usually, they've had some kind of trauma in the past, and they have a hyper-sensitive nervous system as a result.

The Alignment of the Spinal Cord

The spine is the structure that controls the pathways of your nervous system. When your spine is subject to excessive stress and is out of alignment, you can experience a heightened state of anxiety and depression. The bones of an out-of-alignment spine twist and place large amounts of strain on the spinal cord, which leads to less conductivity. Hence, people experience an overload of information in the sympathetic system and anxiety and depression can result or intensify.

Practice Breathing

It's amazing what a little attention to your neck and back can do for your mental and emotional health. One of the things we teach our clients to do at home to combat depression and anxiety is to practice breathing. Remember, six seconds in and six seconds out. Inhale six seconds and exhale six seconds. This will help to calm down the sympathetic system. Any time you start to feel depressed or anxious at home, take twelve deep breaths like this. If you can focus on your breathing, it will calm your mind and lessen your anxiety and depression.

Try a Chiropractor

Before you ask for more medicine from your doctor or pay thousands of dollars for more clinical treatment, try a chiropractor at Well Adjusted Chiropractic if you are experiencing anxiety and depression in Scottsdale AZ. You might be shocked at how much of a difference it can make!


Anxiety And Depression Scottsdale Az