Addiction Treatment Houston

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Addiction Treatment Houston

Unique Mindcare provides state-of-the-art addiction treatment in Houston TX. Our addiction program is for people who are tired of the expensive revolving door that is drug and alcohol rehab. Of course, addiction isn't just for drugs and alcohol. With our program, we can treat any type of addiction, including sex addictions, nicotine addictions, eating addictions, gambling addictions, and any other kind of addictions you can think of.

Get Out of the Revolving Door if You Want to Recover

The reason that we are able to treat such a wide swath of addictions is that Unique Mindcare takes an entirely different approach to addiction treatment than the died-in-the-wool addiction treatment facilities, which operate more for their bottom lines than for patient recovery. Recurring customers, which are relapsed patients in the addiction treatment world, equal big money for said facilities. This is not to say that all addiction treatment centers are bad or don't care about their patients. But there is something to be said about the treatment models they apply.

Do the Textbook Addiction Treatment Models Really Work?

Across the nation, addiction treatment facilities' long-term recovery rates (2 years +) are less than 23%. That means that out of 100 patients, less than 23 of them will stay in recovery for more than two years after leaving treatment. The traditional addiction treatment models have obviously failed. Of course, meetings, sponsors, support groups, individual therapy, group therapy, and all the staples of standard addiction treatment have their due place in recovery. But without changing a person's brain, recovery will only be temporary at best.

Traditional Addiction Treatment Centers Fail to Treat the Brain

When a person engages in a behavior long enough, either good or bad, pathways are hardwired into their brain. Thankfully, pathways for bad behaviors can be forgotten, and new pathways for good behaviors can be learned. Basically, true recovery from any type of addiction involves rewiring the brain. As complex as this may sound, it's actually simple and easy to understand.

Understanding an Addicted Brain

The problem with an addicted brain is that it comes to depend on the substances it craves for survival, much the same way as the brain depends on food, water, and oxygen for survival. When lacking any of these vital elements, your brain will trigger you into taking action. This is what happens to an addicted person. It's not that they are bad, weak-willed, immoral, or anything like that when they engage in the undesired behavior. Rather, their brain is pushing them to engage in the addictive behavior without much (if any) forethought. The behaviors come naturally for the addicted brain.

Contact Unique Mindcare Today for Addiction Treatment in Houston Done Right

Unique Mindcare patients have an above-average long-term recovery success rate. Although our addiction treatment model is not perfect, when compared to the less than 23% national average of long-term addiction recovery, our patients experience as much as a 63% long-term recovery success rate. That's almost 3x the national norm! To learn more or about who we are or what we do, or to schedule a free consultation, contact Unique Mindcare in Houston today.

Addiction Treatment Houston